Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Ladies Who Love to Read

Many people have women in their lives who are close to them, but for whatever reason this particular lady is like a closed vault when it comes to dropping hints about gifts she might like. However, if she likes to read, there are several gifts that can be deduced from just knowing this one personality trait:

10. Books: Let’s start with the most obvious—books. However, it’s often hard to decide what an appropriate book to get for someone is. Knowing a little bit more about her personality can help in determining genre. If you only know that she’s an avid reader, checking the New York Times Best Seller list for their top fiction is a good place to start. Also, if you’re only getting one book, go hardcover. Or if your lady enjoys reading in the bath, go paperback and make a gift basket complete with a book, pampering bath oils and salts, candles, and incense to create the perfect relaxing mood for reading.
9. Bookstore Gift Cards: Some women in their regular book shopping tend to stick to the used bookstores and see new books as an unnecessary luxury. However, ladies who love to read usually love the new book smell and would buy new if given the chance. Giving a gift card to a fancy bookstore gives the perfect excuse to indulge in a day of book browsing.
8. ITunes Gift Card: The ladies who read who are more tech savvy or find they don’t have the down time to curl up with a good book anymore might have moved on to the audio book format. There’s no better place to find a great collection of audio books to choose from than the ITunes Store. While new releases might be pricey, the classics tend to run for less than $10.
7. Stationary: Many women who enjoy reading, also like writing, and there is nothing more romantic than writing with pen and ink. By no means would a pack of filler paper or a legal pad and package of ball point pens constitute a gift, but a beautifully designed, bound book of paper and a really sleek pen can make the perfect present.
6. Snuggie: Don’t laugh. Women who read secretly want one. When lying under the covers in bed with a book, it is impossible to stay covered by the blanket and also turn the pages. The Snuggie will keep her warm and her hands free.
5. Knitting: Some people read for reading’s sake or strictly to get information. However, lots of women who read do so in order to find a momentary quiet and escape. Knitting actually provides some of the same pleasures as reading. If the lady is already a knitter, buying her high quality yarn in her favorite colors makes a wonderful gift. If she doesn’t, getting her a how-to book on knitting, along with the knitting basics (yarn and two knitting needles), can get her started.
4. Netbook: Stepping up a bit in price range is “electronic stationary.” Unlike a laptop, a netbook is far more portable and about the size of a purse. Load the netbook with ebooks and audio book downloads (there is ample memory so don’t worry about using too much), and she will be thoroughly impressed with a gift around $250.
3. IPod: In conjunction with the ITunes gift card or as a gift of its own, an IPod is a great way to listen to audio books on the go.
2. IPhone: While the Ipod is great for listening to audio books, the IPod Touch and IPhone, with the help of a free application called Stanza, can be transformed into e-readers. Over 100,000 books and periodicals are available for download right onto the phone. And the best part is, it’s also an IPhone!
1. Amazon Kindle: The Amazon Kindle is currently the leading e-reading product. It’s slim, compact, can hold up to 1,500 books at a time, and can download a book in less than 60 seconds. Configured with 3G Wireless, she can download a book from anywhere with no need for wi-fi or contracts.
From EditorMuse to you, have a happy holiday!

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