David Hale Smith

Candice was a full-time intern at DHS Literary, Inc. through the fall of 2004. As president and owner of the company, I was her direct supervisor. From day one, Candice demonstrated poise, confidence, dependability, patience, a great work ethic, and a warm sense of humor.

The entire office benefited tremendously from her creative thinking, sincerity, and overall enthusiasm about the work that we do. I frequently asked Candice to work with me on a number of important projects, including reviewing, commenting, and editing literary works by some of our clients who are published authors. In every case, she rolled up her sleeves and did her work quickly, and her input always added something valuable. A special mention must be made of what I perceive to be her undying enthusiasm for good writing. She often spent part of her non-working hours further reading or researching certain aspects of the genres of these projects, going beyond my immediate requirements out of sheer personal interest. Self-driven and extremely meticulous, Candice will make an excellent addition to any professional team. Through her experience here, Candice has developed a strong interest in the fields of trade publishing, literary representation, and rights scouting and management. With her academic background, along with her keen analytical and clear communication skills, I can recommend her highly for a position as an editor.

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