Don Roos

The purpose of this letter is to provide a character reference for Candice Adams, whom I have known as a writer and whose work I have read and enjoyed. To introduce myself, I am a writer-director in Los Angeles. I’m the author of the screenplays “Single White Female,” “Love Field.” “Boys on the Side,” and the writer-director of “The Opposite of Sex,” “Bounce,” and “Happy Endings.” I first met Candice at a film festival at the University of Notre Dame in February of 2004.

We spent much of that festival in each other’s company and since then have kept in touch by phone and e-mail. In May 2004 she visited me on the set of the movie I was shooting, and later that summer I read her script, which I thought was excellent.I find all of her work compelling, skillful, and graceful. I think very highly of both her natural talent and her discipline in putting it to good use. I should also mention, simply because there are too few opportunities nowadays to do so honestly, that all of her work is in good, grammatical, well-punctuated, effortless English. As an English major in college, I am a stickler about those things. Candice is a kindred spirit. Candice is beginning her career as an editor, and to me the best possible foundation for that is a love of the English language, an appreciation for its literature, and an understanding of it mechanics. She is a writer herself, and in my experience editing and re-writing are easily half of the job. She will make a great one. Her personal qualities are—in no particular order—maturity, poise, honesty, tact, and aptitude for hard work—all of the qualities I would look for in someone I was thinking of adding to my staff. In short, she impresses me enormously. I would heartily recommend her to any employer.

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